Speed checks through Little Rissington

The Traffic Action Group will be undertaking speed checks through the village during the summer months.  While they have no power to stop speeders or arrest people, they will be passing details of those registered as driving above the statutory limit of 20MPH onto the police, who may take action.  You have been warned!

Summer Road Closures….

Gloucestershire Highways will be re-surfacing a number of roads in the area during the summer months.  More details will be available when the Road Closure signs go up, but it looks like the road between the A424 (Burford to Stow road) and Little Rissington will be closed for re-surfacing at some point between 11th July…

New 20mph Speed Limit In Force!

The new 20mph speed limit through the village is now in operation.  The signage was completed on 18th April 2015, and the limits will be enforced by the local police. Please encourage others to adhere to the speed limit by sticking to it yourself!

Superfast FIBRE Broadband is coming….

With all of the excitement with improving broadband speeds through the Fastershire programme, it’s easy to forget that we still suffer from much slower speeds than our brethren in the cities.  But this is about to change! Fastershire Phase 2 is coming!! Gigaclear (http://www.gigaclear.com) in partnership with Cotswold District Council has committed to deliver fibre…