Ecological Emergency

On 15 July 2020, Cotswold District Council declared an ecological emergency, putting ecological issues at the heart of their actions, in order to deliver nature recovery across the district.

This page records Little Rissington’s response to the CDC’s declaration

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7 June 2021

Church bat numbers and species recorded

From 9pm till 11pm, the church was encircled by a cohort of bat watchers, some from official bat organisations and some from the village. You can spot three in the photo – people, not bats – and the photographer makes four, just in that area.

1 May 2021

Say “no” to the mow this May to help our bees, butterflies, wildlife and us!

Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign doesn’t ask you to do much. In fact, it asks you to not do anything at all…

Just lock up your lawnmower on May 1st and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.

17 April 2021

Wildflower seeds sown and watered

Sweeting Corner

6 April 2021

The Green is greener

15 March 2021

Purple for Polio Crocuses

Fountain Bank

26 February 2021

Plants to look out for

30 January 2021

The 2021 Good Verge Guide

The 2021 edition includes extra information on managing urban verges and sowing wildflower seeds on verges.

19 December 2020

New Flowering Shrubs for Insects & Birds

Today five shrubs (see entry for 9 October 2020) were planted on Sweeting Corner, following the recent planting of a copper beech by Chris Notman. Bushes were pruned, a fair amount of ground ivy was dug up, the shrubs and tree were watered and the Somme was recreated. We can only hope that nature will do her thing and cover up our muddy footprints with fresh grass and and coax up the many flowers that we have planted there.

If you would like some wood chippings, please help yourself from the pile by the wall.

Sweeting Corner

4 December 2020

Funding for New Trees Available Now

These new trees are visible from Leasow Lane, Little Rissington

Because of the impact of ash dieback, the CPRE is encouraging planting on private land where trees are visible to the public. Landowners can apply for funding to meet 100% of the cost of trees, stakes and protection.

Funding up to £500 can be applied for. Projects should be completed by the end of December 2021. Claims for payment from the fund must be received by 31 January 2022. Guidance on new trees.

29 November 2020

The Green is Green!

The Flora, Fauna & Fruitcakes Fellowship took over caring for The Green on 24 November 2019. Many bulbs were planted that day and many more since. Meanwhile the grass has been nurtured and protected from vehicles and some improvement is noticeable.

22 October 2020

“A scruffy garden is better than a tidy one.”

Says Monty Don, who now prides himself on being a bit scruffy, in order to encourage hedgehogs, bugs and the birds which feast on insects.

He tells readers of My Garden World that helping nature can be very simple, explaining: “Have some water in the garden. A pond is great, but even if you don’t have room for a pond, a tub or a dish of water, secondly have some long grass that you only cut once or twice a year because it’s very easy, and short mown grass everywhere is hopeless for wildlife.

“Don’t be too tidy, don’t have bare soil, weeds are better than nothing, have a few piles of leaves. Provide cover. If you’ve got room to have hedges, shrubs and a few trees so much the better”.

18 October 2020

Crocuses Everywhere

Fellows and Family of the Flora, Fauna & Fruitcakes Fraternity snuck around the village today like squirrels, planting 3,000 P4P crocus corms.

11 October 2020

Crocuses on Fountain Bank

500 crocuses were planted today on Fountain Bank. They were bought by the Parish Council in aid of the Rotary’s Purple for Polio (P4P) initiative.

9 October 2020

A New Look for Sweeting Corner

The plan for Sweeting Corner is to plant a copper beech in place of the three mangy cherry trees. Between the beech and the two walls and in pockets close to the pavement, we will plant shrubs. Under consideration are:

  1. Viburnum bodantense – ‘Dawn’, pink flowers in the winter (2.5m/8′)
  2. Philadelphus ‘Beauclerk’ – ‘Belle Etoile’, flowers in May (2.5m/8′)
  3. Ilex aquifolium JC Van Tol – Self-fertile Holly, with berries (4m/13′)
  4. Viburnum opulus – White flowers in June, red berries in September (4-5m/13-16′)
  5. Euonymus alatus – Japanese spindle, brightly coloured seed pods (4.5-6m/15-20′)

With thanks to James Bolton of Border Lines Garden Design for his advice.

The end result will be mown paths winding between shrubs, beneath a glorious copper beech. In the meantime, we are encouraging flowers to grow: we have planted hundreds of bulbs, scattered wild flower seeds and avoided mowing what flowers are already there, which now have the headroom to show themselves.

We ask for your forbearance as this process of regeneration will take time.

Also suggested is a Garrya:

24 September 2020

Verges Become Meadows

Plantlife post a video showing how a road verge in North Wales is being turned into meadow.

19 September 2020

Crocuses on Sweeting Corner

Today we planted 500 crocuses on Sweeting Corner that the Parish Council bought to support the Rotary’s Purple for Polio (P4P) initiative.

16 September 2020

Flora, Fauna & Fruitcakes Meeting

A meeting of the Flora & Fauna Group was held on the Village Green. Progress in tending The Green, Sweeting Corner, The Bus Stop Verge, and The Scrubs was reviewed and plans were laid for further work at these sites to improve the habitat for wildlife.

23 August 2020

Lessons Learned from the Leaders

BBC’s Countryfile highlights a large estate and a small village in Suffolk that are both leading the way in terms of wildlife regeneration. They visit the 5,000-acre Somerleyton Estate in Suffolk to find out about an ambitious Wild East project aimed at turning East Anglia into a giant nature reserve. They also visit the village of Risby, where residents are doing their bit no matter how small a patch they have.

17 July 2020

Sweeting Corner Regeneration

Members of the Flora & Fauna Group meet at Sweeting Corner to determine where the paths should be and which areas are best suited for regeneration, starting with wildlife patches. Notices were posted around the village asking for forbearance while experiments were carried out and plans were executed over the next two years.

15 July 2020

Ecological Emergency Declared

Ecological emergency declared in the Cotswolds. More on the CDC website.

13 July 2020

Parish Acts to Restore Wildlife

Little Rissington Parish Council authorises the Flora & Fauna Group to make Sweeting Corner both human and wildlife friendly. This in response to news that 97% of wildflower meadows have been eradicated since the 1930s. 75% of remaining meadows occur in small fragments and remain vulnerable to destruction.