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Patrol Participation

Should you wish to help look after the parish ecosystem and assist in keeping the parish pristine, this schedule shows on which days the parish will be patrolled and litter picked. If you would like to take part, you will be given access to the schedule so that you can enter the days you wish to patrol.

Our aim is to cover the entire parish road network at least twice per week so if you can help us maintain (or even increase) that frequency, it would be hugely appreciated. You would be welcome to replace anyone who is doing more than one patrol per week. Or if you would be prepared to deputise for someone should they be unable to do a patrol, please let us know.

Contact Gray Elkington (by filling in the form on this page) and he will explain what’s involved and give you a grabber, a hi-vis vest, and some useful tips.

Before volunteering you may want to see how much litter we pick up during a patrol. If so, go here for photos of hauls dating back to November 2018.

There are two circuits, each covering about half the parish’s road network, Rissy West and Rissy East. West (3 miles) takes 60-80 minutes and East (2.5 miles) takes 50-70 minutes.

Rissi West (includes an optional stretch along a footpath, which can therefore also be kept pristine)
Rissi East