More bulb planting

The newly-named Flora, Fauna & Fruitcakes group sallied forth once again today to plant bulbs on Sweeting Corner.

Planting bulbs on Sweeting Corner

We have now exhausted our supply of bulbs and plugs, so if you would like to contribute any (more), here’s a reminder of what we’re looking for:

WILDFLOWER BULBS: Tulip Sylvestris, Tenby Daffodil, Snowdrops, Winter Aconite, Snakeshead Fritillary, Wood anemone, British Bluebell, Meadow Saffron, and Crocuses.

WILDFLOWER PLANTS/PLUGS: Cowslip, Field Scabious, Jacobs Ladder, Meadow Buttercup, Wild Primrose, Wild Red Clover, Wild Strawberry and Wild Thyme.

Kieri Dainty, Georgina and Amanda Wilks, Gray Elkington, John Webb. Photo by Mike Boyes.