A Little Light Bulb Planting

On Sunday morning, 24 November, a few hardy souls dug deep to plant assorted bulbs on The Green and on The Stalls, the strip of grass between the path and the road starting in front of the bus shelter, the rear strip of grass being called the Mezzanine of course. Taking part were Amanda and Georgina Wilks, Mike Boyes, John Webb and Gray Elkington.

If you’re sad to have missed out, fear not, because we will be at it again on Saturday 30 November. We’ll meet at 10.30am in the kitchen of Hill House to plan and then sally forth to plant up a couple of other patches.

If you have any bulbs to spare, please drop them in to any of the above-named people. Or, better still, bring them along on the day armed with a bulb-planting tool!

Georgina Wilks on The Green
Mike Boyes on The Green
John Webb on The Stalls
Gray Elkington on The Green
Amanda, Georgina and Gray