Wildflower Explosion 2020

The new Little Rissington Flora & Fauna Group is keen to see more wildflowers and the butterflies, bees, etc. that they attract. Consequently, we have prepared the border on the right as you enter Valley View for wildflowers and are looking to manage other sites as well.

Given the backing of the parish council on 18 November, we will move quickly to prepare approved areas for wildflowers. This means choosing spots where the soil is really poor. They do better in poor soil than in rich soil.

On Sunday, 24 November, 11am till 1pm, we will be scarifying, planting and sowing. If you would like to join us on the day and/or contribute bulbs or seeds for small native plants (see list below), please reply to Gray Elkington at the email address shown in the November newsletter. Your help will be most welcome.

And if you would like to join the F&F Group send me your phone number and I will add you to the F&F WhatsApp group.

WILDFLOWER SEED: Any British native wildflower seed mixes and particularly Yellow Rattle.

WILDFLOWER BULBS: Tulip Sylvestris, Tenby Daffodil, Snowdrops, Winter Aconite, Snakeshead Fritillary, Wood anemone, British Bluebell, Meadow Saffron, and Crocuses.

WILDFLOWER PLANTS/PLUGS: Cowslip, Field Scabious, Jacobs Ladder, Meadow Buttercup, Wild Primrose, Wild Red Clover, Wild Strawberry and Wild Thyme.