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Superfast FIBRE Broadband is coming….

With all of the excitement with improving broadband speeds through the Fastershire programme, it’s easy to forget that we still suffer from much slower speeds than our brethren in the cities.  But this is about to change! Fastershire Phase 2 is coming!!

Gigaclear ( in partnership with Cotswold District Council has committed to deliver fibre to the premises (fttp) by 2017 which should mean speeds up to 50mbps (up and down) are available (potentially higher) to selected villages: Little Rissington is one of those villages!

Gigaclear are NOW TAKING ORDERS for delivery in October 2016 with packages available for 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps or 1Gbps!  This could be the end of those annoying delays on website and when downloading!