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Update on Moreton Hospital X-Ray petition

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition to ‘Save the North Cotswold Hospital
X-Ray Services’. We reached 5,000 signatures in 11 days, so Cllr Lynden Stowe has been able to present the petition
to Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) and the issue will be debated on 15 January at the Health & Care Overview &
Scrutiny Committee at GCC.
As of today, we’re at over 7,000 online signatures and have in the region of 1,000 paper signatures, which is tremendous as it provides a solid evidence base of public opinion within the North Cotswold community. To back up the petition and to continue to be effective, the best move now is to write to the decision makers.
Bullet points to consider:
i) The inability to get timely X-Rays.
ii) Travel to Cheltenham or Gloucester a journey of some 40 minutes to one hour or more, each way.
iii) Inability of the minor injuries’ unit at North Cotswold Hospital to access X- rays when there is no radiographer on
iv) Increased pressure on the ambulance service.
In your correspondence, please stick to the issue at hand ‘REDUCTION IN HOURS TO X-RAY SERVICES AT NORTH
COTSWOLD HOSPITAL’. Any deviation from this will weaken our case. Do individualize your messages/letters. For
example, if you are elderly, have children, care for someone, have a disability or are unable to travel by car/public
transport. The NHS need to understand the many ways in which the reduction in X-Ray services at NCH goes beyond
an ‘inconvenience’ for residents of a rural community.
For greatest impact, please copy your local MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (
Address emails to the two individuals below:
Paul Roberts, Gloucestershire Care Services at
Deborah Lee, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust at
or address your letters to:
Paul Roberts
Deborah Lee
Chief Executive
Chief Executive
Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Edward Jenner Court
Trust HQ,
1010 Pioneer Avenue
Alexandra House,
Gloucester Business Park
Sandford Road,
GL53 7AN
Let’s convert the groundswell of public opinion into a win & reverse the decision to reduce the X-Ray hours at North
Cotswold Hospital.
Cllr Alison Coggins,
Moreton West Ward