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Cabinet recommends freeze on council tax

Members of Cotswold District Council’s Cabinet met today and recommended a freeze on its share of local residents’ council tax payments for 2017/18, following a freeze for 2016/17, a 5% cut in 2015/16, a 3% cut in 2014/15 and a 5% reduction in 2013/14.  If approved by Full Council next week, the average band D charge for District services would remain at £126.40.

The proposed freeze for 2017/18 would mean that the actual amount being charged for a Band D council tax payer will have been reduced by about £18 per year (13%) over a period stretching back to 2010/11. This would be the 16th lowest District Council charge in the Country compared with being the 63rd lowest a few years ago.

The Cabinet Members also recommended yet another freeze on parking and garden waste collection charges.